Be Aware of These Vital Points While Shipping Your Car Overseas


While relocating your residence to an overseas country, your car will be one of the most expensive items that need to be transported in the safest possible manner as you will need your car at your new destination too.

Ship a Car, Inc. is a much-known name in the car shipping business in the USA that delivers excellent shipping services to people who want to relocate their vehicle to a different state or country.

Likewise, you will also find many such companies who are offering similar services. However, before choosing any company makes sure that you do not commit the following few mistakes:

  • Selecting any car shipping company based on their lowest quote.
  • Finalizing the deal without completely reading all their terms and conditions.
  • Keep waiting and decide too late
  • Keep your stuff inside the car
  • Forget to insure your car

The following are a few things that you must check from the car shipping company before you hand over your car to them.

  • Know how your car will be stored

After you hand over the car, your car will remain with them for a few days before they will arrange for necessary transport to ship your car. It is very essential to know how your car will be stored during the waiting period.

  • How to prepare your car

Before you hand over your car to the car shipping company, you must enquire from them how they will like your car to be prepared for shipping. This requirement may vary depending upon the auto shipping company that you choose.

  • How custom clearance will be done

If your car will be shipped to a different country then it will go through necessary custom clearance too. So, you need to enquire from your transporter about various documents that will be needed and what procedure will be followed.

  • How long the company is in the business

It is always essential that while dealing with car shipping, you must select a company who has got enough experience in this kind of business. Therefore, you must try to know from your auto shipper about how long they were in this business.

  • What is the mode of transportation?

It is important for you to know what kind of transport will be used for shipping your car. Here you also need to decide whether you will prefer an open trailer or an enclosed trailer while transporting your car. In an enclosed trailer your car will remain protected from external weather.

  • How long will it take to transport?

Usually, cars are not shipped immediately after you have handed over to the car shipping company. They will wait till they get a few numbers of cars for the same destination and then use a single vehicle to transport them. So, you must enquire the approximate time when you will receive your car.

  • What about insurance

It is also important for you to know what kind of insurance will be available to you while the car will be shipped by them.

Since your car is one of your valuable possessions, you must ensure that it will be well taken care of while it will be transported.