Air Freight Forwarding – Everything You Need to Know


The decision between road freight and air freight can be a difficult one for many businesses that have to deal with it regularly. Often, people think that the cheapest option is the best.

In addition to being more expensive, air freight forwarding is also safer and more reliable than any other way to ship cargo.

Particularly for international shipping, air freight tends to be the best option. But, How does air freight work, and what are some of the most common types?

How Does Air Freight Work?

There may be no need to explain what “air freight” means. The shipping industry is a fast-growing one, however, and business owners need to learn as much as they can about it.

An air freight shipment is a shipment that is organised and transported from one point to another by air.

The freight forwarder company is not responsible for moving the cargo physically. The GenX Freight team offers assistance in every aspect of a shipment. Additionally, we handle all communication between parties.

Types of Air Freight

If you work with an air freight company, you should be able to transport pretty much anything via air travel. Depending on the type of cargo being transported, there are different types of air freight carriers. Generally, they fall into three categories:

  • Air freight delivered by passenger airlines
  • A cargo-only aircraft delivers freight
  • On supercargo planes, heavy equipment is delivered

The classification of air freight is not limited to this method. Air freight can also be differentiated based on its arrival speed. The following three options are available for freight transportation based on your needs:

  • Next flight out – no matter whether it is a commercial flight, cargo flight, or supercargo flight, your freight will be on the next flight.
  • Combined shipping – Your freight is shipped on a schedule on a cargo plane or supercargo plane.
  • Deferred shipping – This is the slowest method of air freight, since there is no hurry and your cargo gets on board according to space availability. 

What Makes Air Freight Forwarding a Superior Option?

There are several important advantages to air freight forwarding over other modes of freight forwarding, unless you are facing budgetary restrictions.

1. Air Freight Is Fast

Whether your cargo is moving nationally or internationally, it’s the fastest way. It is likely that your cargo will reach its destination faster with deferred shipping than it would with road freight. Additionally, air freight forwarding is the only service that offers same-day delivery.

2. Air Freight Is Accurate

When it comes to air freight, there is no need to stop for gas or for anything else. It will reach its destination right on schedule once it ships.

In times of urgency, air freight offers the least chance of error when checking your shipment’s status.

3. Air Freight Is More Secure

At the airport, all cargo is closely monitored and scrutinised. In order to ensure the safety of sensitive goods, businesses should consider air freight whenever possible.

If the plane doesn’t encounter inclement weather, it will be a much smoother journey than travelling by road or sea.

4. Air Freight Moves Cargo Everywhere

Airports are more active than sea and river ports around the world. It becomes even more apparent that air freight forwarding is advantageous when you consider that some remote destinations can take days to reach by road or sea.

5. Air Freight Is Cost-Effective in the Long Run

The price tag attached to air freight is one of the most significant disadvantages. Small and medium-sized businesses don’t always choose it as their first option.

As a result, the initial investment will be more substantial. Long-term, air freight is more cost-effective. It is possible for production to be halted or goods to be wasted if shipping is delayed.

There is a risk of significant profit loss due to these issues. Air freight provides timely delivery and simplifies business planning.

Get the Best Air Freight Forwarding Services Today

Fast, accurate, safe, and cost-effective, air freight can transport your shipment anywhere. Recent years have seen a rapid growth in air freight in the UK, and it’s easy to see why.

It is the mission of GenX Freight to deliver any cargo as quickly as possible. With our strict operating procedures, we can offer the perfect supply and distribution solution.