Windshield Tinting In Tucson: Check Benefits, About Selecting A Service & More!


If you live in Arizona, you are probably aware of the sweltering heat in summers. It’s impossible to keep driving on the road, unless necessary, and in most parts of the state, including Tucson, the period between May and September can be really hot. If you don’t want the sun on your face while driving, tinting the windshield is a wise idea. There are many auto services that offer windshield tinting in Tucson, but before you contact one, here are some aspects worth knowing.

What are the benefits of windshield tinting?

There are varied kinds of windshield tinting materials available in the market, and each one may have specific properties. Tinting with ceramic film reduces solar heat to a good extent, often as much as 50%. This, in turn, ensures that the air conditioning system is not strained, and you get better fuel efficiency. Reducing glare is another advantage of windshield tinting, and it does improve vision on the way. Tinted windshields can also block as much as 99% of sun’s UV, which protects your skin from possible exposure. Skin cancer, for instance, is related to UV exposure. Tinting mellows down the sunrays, so you can expect to have your interior upholstery looking as new as ever. Not to forget, windshield tinting is another way to add some strength to thewindshield and prevent easy chipping and cracking.

Finding the right service

This is an aspect many customers take for granted. Tinting the windshield is a serious job, and if there is any compromise on how the work is done, it could impact your vision and lead to serious consequences. We recommend that you find an auto service in Tucson that specializes in windshield tinting, and they should be a locally-owned and operated company. Ask them about the tinting materials they are using and if they would give a warranty on the job. It is possible to get lifetime warranty on windshield tinting. Many services can also arrange for a lobby car as you wait for the tinting work to get done.

Before you go for windshield tinting, consider the material and select a service that’s known and famed in your area. Also, this may not seem like a big job, but getting an estimate is an absolute must, and you should check if the quote is clear. If the same company can also handle repairs and replacements of windshields, it is an added advantage.