How To Restore Your Car’s Finish With a Ceramic Coating Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide


Thanks to technology and innovation in the automobile industry, you can provide additional protection to your car paint. It involves adding a layer on top of the paint job using a ceramic coat. Unlike the alternative technique of using wax to coat the surface, ceramic is more durable. The former option will undergo chemical reactions with the elements and degrade faster than the latter option.

It is best to consider ceramic coating for your car restoration. You do not need to worry as we will offer you insights on how to do it. It is simple, and you only need to follow the steps to ensure you do the job like a pro. Let us get right into it.

The Steps

First, getting the best car detailing supplies for your car exterior is essential. Below are the steps to follow when restoring your vehicle using the ceramic coating kit;

Surface Preparation

Applying the ceramic coating on a dirty and scratch surface will significantly affect the results. Start by cleaning the body using ceramic car soap and water to remove dirt from the surfaces. Before applying the detergent, it is best to remove all the debris from the surface.

Using a cleaning agent will make the dirt detach from the surface, and it will be easy to remove using water. Ensure you use clean water for rinsing the surfaces. You can do a thorough cleaning while targeting every part when preparing the vehicle for ceramic coating. Remove any spots using a detail spray and get rid of light-to-moderate scratches and swirl marks using a scratch and swirl remover.

Then, you can lubricate using a clay bar. It should include the wheels and interiors.

A soft piece of clothing or sponge is the best material to use when cleaning the surface. However, the ceramic car wash soap you use for the exterior and windows will differ from what you use for the interior. Ensure you get the recommended products when preparing the vehicle.


Regular cleaning will not clear chemicals from your car’s surface. The kit will have a remover to eliminate the substances that may affect the ceramic coating bond. Gently massage the surface using the products to remove all contaminants on the car paint. You will find resistance of the car surface but ensure there is no friction before proceeding to the next step.


It is vital to polish the car paint if you want the best outcome with the ceramic spray coating. The initiative removes any imperfections or marks. Polishing the color will make the finishing appear glossy and appealing.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to take necessary precautions when restoring your car finish. The products you use may be toxic when inhaled. Therefore, you will need to cover your nose using a mask. In addition, you will be hands-on with the tasks which pose a risk to your clothes. It’s best to have an overall or other working clothes for safety.

If the chemical contacts the skin, you should wash the product with lots of clean water. Ensure you protect yourself from hazards by having all the supplies you will need for the job.