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  • 4 cell phone operators bid for 3G, 4G licences
  • 5 Tips to Help Keep Your Smartphone Working at Its Best
  • 90 Miles Planned but 900 Driven Due to GPS Malfunction
  • A fake 'mobile-phone bomb' charged a 40 year old man
  • A New Blacklist Of Stolen Smartphones Will Help Deter Device Theft
  • Addiction to Phones Could Hurt Relationships
  • Africa reaching the highest position in mobile market industry
  • After the mobile phones, comes the Google Glass
  • Americans Are Sitting On $33 Billion Worth Of Old Cell Phones
  • Angelina Jolie may testify in News Corp phone hacking case
  • Are there any trustable and affordable phone tracker apps available to download?
  • Around 50% of Britons to use their own mobile phones and other devices at work
  • Australians Shun Mobile Phone Plans
  • Avoid cell phone usage during pregnancy for protecting your baby!
  • Bill Allowing Cell Phone Tracking Sans Warrant in Motion
  • BlackBerry is going to introduce Galaxy S4-sized smartphone called BlackBerry Z10
  • Blind phone Hacker found guilty of stealing talk-time from phones
  • Boeing on a mission to make phone hacking impossible
  • Bought An Expensive Mobile Phone? Consider Insuring It
  • Brooks denies all knowledge of the hacking of Milly Dowler's phone
  • Cell Phone Tracking System Reveals How Traffic Jams Start
  • Cell phone users boost mobile Internet traffic
  • Cellphone Tracking by The Police Department Raises Privacy Concerns, Advocate Says
  • Chameleon Launcher for Phones now available in Google Play
  • Danish eye-tracking software firm The Eye Tribe gets $2.3m government grant, no strings attached
  • Don’t’ Use Your Phone While Driving In Chennai Or You Will Lose Your License
  • Driver Who Disputed Mobile Phone Offence Leads Police To Massive Cocaine Haul
  • European Parliament backs common mobile phone charger
  • Eva Mendes pulled over by police for using cell phone while driving
  • Facebook's Upcoming Mobile App Tracks Offline Users
  • Factory resets no longer protect from hacking when mobile phone recycling
  • Firefox phones coming this summer
  • First fully transparent smartphone could be here by end of 2013
  • Future Smartphones Will Be Secured By Your Fingerprints
  • Future ultra-thin and foldable cell phone
  • Gadget of 21st century: Smart cell phones!
  • Galaxy S4: Samsung's Eye-Tracking Phone Unveiled
  • Gardai to investigate phone hacking allegations amid City of Culture controversy
  • Genius Article Scanner Created by 15 Year Old
  • Giving more bill than anticipated?
  • Go for iPhones and androids if your cell phone is troubling you!
  • Graphene the strongest material of world
  • Huawei Is Now World's Third Largest Smartphone Vendor
  • I am Afraid Someone is Tracking My Phone – How Can I know?
  • Ibn Chambas' Phone Hacked By NSA And GHCQ
  • If my pet runs away - Can I track it?
  • iPhone 5S in Champagne Gold color option appears online
  • iPhone App Helps Nab Sundown Music Festival Thief
  • iPhone tracker is helping police!
  • Is spying software necessity?
  • Is Your Cell Phone Calling Up Bacteria? We Put Some To The Test
  • Japanese Researchers - Solar-Cell Fabric For Mobile Users
  • Let’s give it for the recycled phone!
  • Lufthansa Rolls Out Mobile Phone Services With Aeromobile
  • Making your own mobile phone!
  • Merkel phone hacking row could stop EU free-trade talks deal with US
  • Mh470: Co-pilot's cell phone was on - US Official
  • Mobile Phone Behavior A Function of Age
  • Mobile phone could make doctors redundant
  • Mobile phone imports up 0.5pc in 9 months
  • Mobile Phones crossing the world's total Population
  • Mobile Phones Make You Go 'Blind' In Supermarkets
  • Mobile Phones Recovered from Jail
  • Most Men Now Claim Phone Model Shows Status
  • Mozilla offers app designers free Firefox OS mobile phone for building apps
  • Nashville airport released shuttle-tracking phone app
  • New driving laws threatening the cell phone users!
  • No Clear Direction on Cellphone Location Tracking
  • No hardware is going to be introduced at Google I/O
  • Nokia rules out $99 Asha mobile phone
  • NSA justifies hacking world's digital communications
  • Oklahoma AG offers mobile app for tracking inmates
  • One In Every Two Mobile Phones Will Cost Below US$150 In 2017
  • Phone hacking trial: Rebekah Brooks ‘phoned News of The World as to missing schoolgirl’
  • Phone Sensors Could Help Unlock Stolen Gadget
  • Phone-hacking trial opens in UK
  • Phone-hacking trial: Rebekah Brooks 'treated sensitively by police'
  • Phones with bigger screens swallow more data, says report
  • Point introduces augmented reality ads on your smartphone, now with interactive videos
  • Rebekah Brooks talked about hacking at PM’s party
  • Samsung built A7 processor rocks the new Apple iPhone 5s
  • Samsung Galaxy S II TV is an Android smartphone with built-in television receiver
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 family launching in the U.S. on July 7, available in white and gold brown
  • Samsung is going to introduce foldable phones
  • Samsung sold 10 million units of its Galaxy S4 in just 4 weeks
  • Smart Phone App Allows Parents to Keep Track of Their Kids
  • Smart phone users still not disabling their location tracking on cameras
  • Smartphone Apps Can Collect Kids' Private Information, FTC Says
  • Smartphone Tracker Gives Doctors Remote Viewing Powers
  • Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day
  • Stolen Phones will be rendered worthless now!
  • T Mobile USA iPhone Price goes up
  • Technology adoption: Smarter phones to become the need of the hour
  • Teenager, 14, racks up £1k phone bill on dad's mobile on calls to boyfriend
  • Texas judge instrumental in safeguarding rights!
  • The cell phone recycling kiosk is slowly invading malls near you
  • The ex-royal editor of the News of the World in phone hacking scandal
  • The Green Book And NOTW Phone Hacking Trial
  • The Latest GPS III already replaced the old GPS satellite
  • The owners of Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, and HTC One are planning to get Sky Go on-demand TV
  • Three mobile phone stealers held in Dahisar
  • Three's 4G network to launch in four UK cities before Christmas
  • Trace a Mobile Phone
  • Tracking Criminals On Your Smartphone
  • Transform your lovely iPhone 5 into a superhero with the Iron Man Mark VII case
  • UK rejects press self-regulation
  • UK's Mirror Group Investigated Over Phone Hacking
  • US mulling end to ban on in-flight cell phone calls
  • US spy agency tracks mobile phone worldwide
  • US teens love apps, not tracking
  • USA teen invents a capacitor to charge smartphone batteries in around 30 seconds
  • Vodafone confirms no 4G network launch until the end of summer
  • Website offers bounty for iPhone 5S hack
  • WhatsApp is a big competitor of Twitter?
  • Why mobile phones are ‘just as vulnerable to hacking’
  • Why Nokia Is Building an Android Phone and Why Microsoft Might Not Kill It
  • Witness at UK Hacking Trial: Brooks, Morgan Joked
  • Yahoo updates iOS application with Summly summaries
  • York could lead the way in tracking cellphone data for crime
  • You can now pre-order the Apple iPhone 5c, starting at $99
  • Your cell phone is now a tracking device for NSA to hunt you down
  • Your Health: Monitoring diabetes with your phone
  • Your Phone's Camera and Microphone Can Reveal Your PIN
  • Your Smartphone Is Spying on You | cell phone tracking | free cell phone tracker system

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Windows Mobile, GPS GPRS(GSM) .
:     : 28.1.2009 : 4.7    

SVMail2 v4.0 >>
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, !
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, !
23.12.2011 20:44:13
Otli4noe proga., ya gatov
09.11.2010 12:07:07
, gps ?
vitalik10.10.2009 17:09:25
01.08.2009 20:26:23
farhod22.03.2009 19:16:33
Kosta05.02.2009 18:12:07
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 PDF To JPG Converter-1.51
 GodGame v0.1
 Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 2.17
 CD-DVD Envelope 2.0
 Photoshop CS3 language pack
 Warelex mobila webcam 1.04
 Free Photo Editor-3.32
 Kids PC Time Administrator
 Keylogger X
 NetWrix USB Blocker 3.7
 Keylogger NET
 Anvide Lock Folder 1.31
 Wipe File
 Keylogger NET Plus
 ControlPoint 0.2



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Pagerank value of 4/10

Google Pagerank of is 4/10. (If pagerank of is for example 4/10 it means that it is 2 times more powerful than Pagerank 3/10 and 2 times less powerful thank pagerank 5/10.)




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IP Address: Country: Germany (DE) Latitude: 51 Longitude: 9





DNS1: ns1.bizDNS2: ns2.bizDNS3:

Hosting company is place where is hosted. Either virtual hosting account or dedicated server is home for in this company. Server that hosts is located in Germany on exact coordinates 51 (latitude) and 9 (longitude). IP address of is


You can find this information also at the following link:





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