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    GPS Watch with Heart Rate Measurement Operating instructions Edition 04/2013...

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    Table of Contents 1 Intro ........................ 6 2 Plesed Read Safety and Watch Care Notes Before Use ... 7 2.1 Safety Instructions ................7 2.2 Repair ....................8 2.3 Water Resistance ................8 2.4 Shock Resistance ................9 2.5 Avoid from Magnetic Fields ............ 10 2.6 Operating Temperature Range ..........

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    11.2 Replacement of the battery of chest strap ..... 64 Connecting to a Computer to Upload Training data and change watch settings ................64 12.1 Download the Runtastic Connect installation files ..64 12.1.1 How to Install Runtastic Connect ........65...

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    12.2 Using Runtastic Connect ............65 13 Technical Data..................68 14 Declaration of compliance ............. 69 15 FAQ/Correction of errors ..............71 16 Warranty ....................74...

  • Page 6: Intro

    Intro The GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor works together with the heart rate chest strap to measure and record your heart rate. It has built-in GPS to track your route and speed during workouts. The watch is also equipped with a compass and can mark points along your route (“waypoints”) to help you find your way back to the beginning of your path or let you know how long it will take to reach a particular point on the path.

  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    Please Read Safety and Watch Care Notes Before Use Safety Instructions Please read this chapter carefully and follow all the specified indications. This way you ensure the adequate functioning and a long period of operation for your GPS-watch. Keep the wrapping and operating instructions well, so that, in case of alienation, you can hand them on to the new owner.

  • Page 8: Repair

    This device is not intended for use by individuals (including  children) with limited physical, sensorial emotional capacities or limited experience and / or knowledge unless they are supervised by an individual responsible for their safety or receive instructions from the latter as to how the device should be used.

  • Page 9: Shock Resistance

    Rain, Nautical Car wash Shower Bath, pool Splash sports Yes, do not flood the Yes, watch in water Dry the watch thoroughly before touching any button as water can enter the case through the buttons, damaging the watch. Always use a wet rag to remove residue if the watch is splashed with salt water or mineral water from hot springs.

  • Page 10: Avoid From Magnetic Fields

    Avoid from Magnetic Fields Do not wear the watch near powerful magnetic fields (e.g. transformers) as they can alter the watch’s ability to accurately track time and location and lead to deterioration of the watch. Operating Temperature Range The GPS-watch can be operated in a temperature range from 32 °F to 122 °...

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    Charge the battery of the GPS watch only with a USB cable  delivered together with it. If the battery is charged otherwise, this can lead to overheating, explosion or fire. Do not charge the battery of the GPS watch near heat sources ...

  • Page 12: Disposal

    contacts of the battery and the contacts from the device. Keep operating instructions for consulting the information on batteries. Ignoring these instructions can lead to the deterioration of the  battery and in extreme cases can cause the battery to explode.

  • Page 13: Maintenance

    Maintenance The GPS watch and chest strap do not require maintenance. However, we recommend cleaning the sensor surfaces of the chest strap after each use. 2.10 Cleaning the Watch Exterior If problems occur when charging the GPS watch, check the ...

  • Page 14: How To Use This Manual

    The manual has been organized by first steps, then by features and modes. further questions support, email [email protected] Getting to know your watch What’s in the box 3.1.1 1 GPS watch (Art.-Nr. RUNGPS1, Type: D02I280) including integrated lithium-polymer battery 1 chest strap (formed by sensors and elastic strap ) (Art.-Nr.

  • Page 15: Watch Buttons

    Watch Buttons 3.1.2 "St./Stp." Starts/Stops Workout Navigates UP in menus "LIGHT" button illuminates display "View" Toggles through views watch mode, workout mode, navigation mode.Long press turns on Heart Rate monitor or GPS.Selects item in "MODE"-button— Menu/Settings Switches watch modes, Long press opens Menu/Settings, While in Menu, press to return to previous menu...

  • Page 16: Before Using Your Gps Watch / First Steps

    Before Using Your GPS Watch /First Steps Remove and dispose of the protective plastic on the watch screen. Caution! This protection film for the watch screen poses an asphyxiation danger and must be kept out of reach of babies and young children! The watch is delivered in off-line mode.

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    Getting to know your watch The GPS watch is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Before the first use, charge the watch for 3 hours or until the battery is full. To charge the watch, attach the clamp-on USB charger to the watch.

  • Page 18: Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

    correctly positioned and making contact. If the contacts become clogged with dirt or sweat, gently clean them with a cotton swab and dab of alcohol. When the charge is complete, a message will appear "Battery Full!" A full battery charge will yield up to 16 hours of watch time in GPS mode.

  • Page 19: Acquire Gps Signal Before Starting A Workout

    Position the sensor under your pectoral (chest) muscles, adjusting the strap for a snug but not tight fit. Be sure the battery compartment is to your right when attaching the strap and the words are not upside down. In order to make an optimum transfer of the cardiac frequency possible, wear the belt with the battery compartment on the right side (from the wearer’s point of view).

  • Page 20: Gps Watch Modes

    requires a cold start. A cold start is one that may take a minute or longer to connect to the full GPS signal. On the other hand, a warm start that acquires the signal near the last GPS position, may only take 10 seconds to acquire the full GPS signal.

  • Page 21: Basic Settings

    Basic Settings Preparing your watch for use. Navigating the Settings Menu To enter the Settings Menu, PRESS and HOLD the Mode button (bottom left) until the settings menu is displayed. Press the bottom right (Lap/Reset) button to scroll down to the menu item you want.

  • Page 22

    o Smart Lap  By Dist Automatic taking-up of lap times „Lap-By-Distance“  LapWP Automatic generation of reference points From laps „Lap-To-Waypoint“  Alert Alarm activation for „Lap-By- Distance“ o View Scan Automatic switching among the 3 displays o Track Log Setting of the interval for measurements o Delete...

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     Customize Modification of upper and lower limits  Alert Alarm activation for training area  Reset Reset of upper and lower limits to default settings o Max.HR Setting of maximum cardiac frequency o Pairing Junction of the chest belt with the GPS watch •...

  • Page 24: General Settings

     Dst/Spd Adjustment speed and distance unit measure  Position Adjustment of unit of measure for altitude and longitude degree  Weight Adjustment of weight unit of body weight  Compass (Point 6.5)  Declinate Entry of declinations  Calibrate Compass calibration ...

  • Page 25: System Settings

    lower number. Press the view button to accept the adjustment and move to the next setting. Press the Mode button when you have completed the birth date is set correctly. Weight Select SETTINGS the menu  USER  WEIGHT  Then adjust weight ...

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    Adjusting the unit of measure (KM or Miles) for speed and distance The watch can be set to measure speed and distance both on land and on water. Select SETTINGS from the menu  SYSTEM  UNITS   DST/SPD Select METRIC for Kilometers - km/h, IMPERIAL for miles-mph, ...

  • Page 27: Check Memory Usage

    Only a certain number of workouts can be stored on the watch. If you want to save all of your workouts to track your progress over time, you need to connect to and upload your workouts. To automatically delete workouts from the watch, check the "delete workouts after upload"...

  • Page 28: Time Mode- Watch/timer/alarm/battery

    Time mode- Watch/Timer/Alarm/Battery Press the MODE button until the time mode is displayed. The main time mode is the watch with time and date. That appears as follows: Day of the week Time Month Date Cycle through the following time modes displays by pressing the VIEW button: Time and date ...

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    SETTING THE TIME AND DATE The time and date can be set in the Menu by going to SETTINGS > TIME > HOME TIME and choosing how you want to set the time: GPS update  Time Zone  Manual setting ...

  • Page 30: Battery Level Display

    Manual time adjustment If no GPS reception is possible, time format can also be manually adjusted: Select SETTINGS from the menu  TIME DATE HOME DATE   MANUAL Then adjust the seconds, minutes, hours, year, month and day.  Use the ST/Stop and Lap/RESET buttons to change the time up or down.

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    Setting a Count-down Timer In Time-mode press the VIEW button until the following display appears : Timer Current time Set Timer Select SETTINGS from the menu  TIMER  Use the ST/STP or Lap/RESET button to adjust the hours,  minutes and seconds for the timer.

  • Page 32: Alarm

    Alarm You can set up to 5 different alarms to go off at a particular time. Alarms can be set to repeat daily or on chosen days. To view the time of each set alarm, go to Time-mode and press the VIEW button until the following display appears: Alarm 1-5 Alarm time...

  • Page 33: Dual Time – Display Two Time Zones

    Daily Daily Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Mon-Fri Monday-Friday Press the MODE button to accept settings and return to the  previous menu. Stopping the Alarm When the alarm rings, stop it by pressing any key. Dual Time – Display two time zones Keep track of a different time zone by setting the Dual Time (e.g., always know what time it is in Paris when you are in New York).

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    The GPS-Workout mode will display and record your stats once a current exercise session has been started. Stats can be saved and later uploaded to the Runtastic website using Runtastic Connect. There are 3 customizable displays (see section ###) to view heart rate, calories burned, time, pace, speed, distance, altitude, and laps.

  • Page 35: Heart Rate Monitoring

    Setting of training data to zero If training stops, hold down the "LAP/RESET" button, until "Hold to Save" appears; all training data are set to 0 and you can start a new training. Still, the data of this training will be kept in the memory of the watch and will be able to be viewed later.

  • Page 36

    goals. The GPS watch has 3 training zone options (Health, Fat Burn, Aerobics), or you can customize the zones (User). The GPS watch automatically calculates your maximum heart rate based on your age and gender (this is why it you must set up this information in user settings see section ##).

  • Page 37

    Select SETTINGS from the menu HRM  HR ZONE   CUSTOMIZE Select the training zone you want to modify—Health, Fat Burn,  Aerobics, or User. As you change the heart rate beats per minute (bpm) using the  ST/STP or Lap/RESET buttons, the percentage of your maximum heart rate (indicated next to the heart rate bpm) will also change.

  • Page 38

    Press the MODE button to accept the changes and return to  the previous menu. Activate/Deactivate Training Zone Alarms When you aren't looking at your watch, you can be alerted when you are above or below your set heart rate zone. To hear an audible alert when your heart rate is outside the training zone: Select SETTINGS from the menu...

  • Page 39: Sports Profiles And Training Data

    The GPS watch has 5 different training profiles: Running, Cycling, Hiking, Sailing and User The names of these profiles can be modified by connecting the watch to your computer and using the Runtastic Connect software (see section ###) To Choose a Sports Profile Select SETTINGS from the menu...

  • Page 40

    The screens can be customized in the watch settings or by connecting the watch to your computer and making changes in the Runtastic Connect software. Using the Runtastic Connect software is the faster and easier method (see section ### for instructions) Customizing Training Displays in the Watch Settings Select SETTINGS from the menu...

  • Page 41

    To keep the current setting, press the VIEW button.  Pressing the VIEW button again will display "View 2" and "View  3" Repeat the steps to customize each view. Press the MODE button when you are done to accept the ...

  • Page 42: Using Gps During Workout Sessions

    Possible training data row 2 Distance Distance Current cardiac frequency LapDist Lap distance LatLong Longitudinal and latitude degree PaceAvg Average pace (time/ mile) SpeedAvg Average speed Speed Current speed TimeOfDay Time Wkout Time Training time Reset the Training Views to defaults In the setting mode select „Workout“...

  • Page 43: Gps Status Display

    Press and hold down the „VIEW“-button from GPS- Workout-mode. The GPS icon will blink indicating that it is searching for satellites. When the GPS signal is acquired (fixed), the icon will change as follows: Search for signal acquired Satellites Option 2: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch menu.

  • Page 44

    This symbol indicates that the GPS has acquired full 3-D positioning, including Altitude data. Accurate and uninterrupted reception of the satellite signal can only be guaranteed under calm weather conditions (clear sky) and an adequate reception area – open area with clear view to the sky. Satellite signals react sensitively to external influences.

  • Page 45

    Press and hold down the VIEW button until "GPS Off!" is displayed. Option 2: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch menu. Select GPS from the menu  ON/OFF Press the VIEW button and the message "GPS Off!" will be displayed.

  • Page 46: A-gps

    When You Can't Get a GPS Signal There are times when the GPS may not be able to obtain a signal (e.g., during bad weather, downtown among tall buildings). Yet, the watch can still track your workout and add the GPS information later using a feature called the "Assisted Global Positioning System"...

  • Page 47

    Automatic recording of lap times LAP BY DISTANCE The Smart Lap feature will automatically generate a lap at any set distance (e.g., every ½ mile, mile). Lap times will then automatically be recorded when the distance has been reached. To set up Smart Lap by distance: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch's menu.

  • Page 48: After Training-recalling Workout

    After training-RECALLING WORKOUT History After a workout session has been completed and saved (see section###), you can review the data that was recorded during your workouts. To view your Workout history: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch's menu. ...

  • Page 49: Gps-navigation-mode

    DELETEDel All. Workout data is NOT automatically deleted. See section### on how to automatically delete workout data that has been uploaded to your dashboard. GPS-Navigation-mode The GPS Navigation mode can create routes (paths) or points along a route to follow (waypoints). This mode works together with the...

  • Page 50: Finding Your Way

    lap in one mode, it begins a session and registers the lap in the other mode as well. Before you begin GPS Navigation, you need to choose a path. Previous paths can be followed, or a new path can be created. Press the MODE button repeatedly until the “GPS Navigation-mode is displayed: Current Speed...

  • Page 51

    navigation and pick the waypoint, or the forward navigation (see below for instructions). Another way to use marked waypoints is to return to a point along the path and find your way back to where you started, or simple choose your starting point and follow the way back. This is particularly helpful to be guided back to a point on a trail when hiking.

  • Page 52

    Press the MODE button to accept the changes and return to  the previous menu. Delete path Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch's menu.  Select NAVIGATION from the menu  DelPath  Use the ST/STOP or Lap/RESET buttons to scroll through the ...

  • Page 53: Navigation-display

    Choose a path with "0" waypoints to create a new path.  Choosing a previously recorded path will overwrite the previous path information. Press VIEW to choose the displayed path number.  Press MODE to accept the settings and return to the previous ...

  • Page 54: Navigation Mode

    Before you begin, choose the path, the navigation-mode and the waypoint-radius, as described below: Navigation Mode 8.5.1 There are three different types of navigation: Waypoint-navigation: Here you choose an individual waypoint  on the active path that becomes the location to which you will be directed.

  • Page 55: Starting The Gps Navigation

    Waypoint-radius This setting determines the distance from the actual marked waypoint at which the watch determines that you have reached the waypoint. The default is 100 feet but it can be changed manually (from 50 to 650 feet). To set the waypoint radius: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch's menu.

  • Page 56

    • Press the VIEW button and the message "GPS On!" will be displayed. The GPS Navigation will automatically load the last used path. To use another path, or to create a new path, follow the previous directions in this section on selecting or creating a path. If you are creating a new path, or have chosen a path with 0 waypoints, "no waypoint"...

  • Page 57: Compass-mode

    Navigating to a waypoint: Go-to-display While in the GPS-Navigation mode and press the “VIEW”-button until you see the following display: Waypoint number Path name Navigation data Choose a waypoint number from the currently selected path by pressing the “ST./STP.” or “LAP/RESET”-button. The navigation data in the bottom row will alternate between: Time and date, when the waypoint was created ...

  • Page 58

    Direction Indication of degrees North 349° - 11° North-Northeast 12° - 33° Northeast 34° - 56° East-North East 57° - 78° East 79° - 101° East-South East 102° - 123° South East 124° - 146° South-South East 147° - 168° South 169°...

  • Page 59: Compass Calibration

    Compass calibration 8.8.1 To ensure that the accuracy of the watch's compass it must be calibrated: The first time the compass is used on the watch  When changing locations or situations from the last time the  compass was calibrated. To calibrate the compass: Press and hold the MODE button to enter the watch's menu.

  • Page 60

    Geographical Magnetic North Pole North Pole Magnetic Magnetic declination declination To correct this declination, the deviation degree can be introduced. This deviation degree is indicated on maps as plus (positive) Eastern deviation (E)(pointing to the right of North), and minus (negative) Western deviation(V) (Pointing to the left of North).

  • Page 61: To Save Battery Life

    Select SETTINGS from the menu  SYSTEM COMPASS DECLINATE. Use the ST/STOP or LAP/RESET to adjust the deviation number (plus or minus). Press the MODE button to accept the setting and return to the previous menu. To Save Battery Life To preserve battery life, the watch display can be turned off.

  • Page 62: Charging The Battery, Replacement Of Batteries

    11 Charging the battery, replacement of batteries 11.1 Charging the battery of the GPS watch The GPS watch has a lithium-polymer battery. Battery Usage Display In Time-mode press the „VIEW“-button until the following display appears on the display: Remaining hours An estimation of the hours left for the use of the GPS function will be displayed.

  • Page 63

    To charge the watch, attach the clamp-on USB charger to the watch. Be sure that the pins on the charger fit into the contacts on the back of the watch. Plug the USB into a USB wall adapter or your computer.

  • Page 64: Replacement Of The Battery Of Chest Strap

    Training Data change watch settings To upload your workout history to your profile on and to easily change settings on the watch, you will need to connect the Runtastic Connect watch to your computer. The software must first be installed on your computer 12.1...

  • Page 65: How To Install Runtastic Connect, Using Runtastic Connect

    We cannot be held responsible for damage to your computer. 12.2 Using Runtastic Connect Runtastic Connect will launch automatically when you connect the watch to your computer. Connect the watch to your computer using the USB/data cable. Be sure that the pins on the adapter clamp are touching...

  • Page 66

    Click to this arrow to open up the window completely: To sign up or create a Runtastic account, click on “Connect account". This will automatically take you to where you can log in to an existing account or follow the instructions on the website to create a new account.

  • Page 67

    “User” In the customize window, you can make changes to the watch's profile displays as well as change the names of the profiles. The three screens can be customized by choosing the data type from the drop-down menu. When you have completed your changes, click on the "save"...

  • Page 68: Technical Data

    From time-to-time, Runtastic will update the firmware that runs the GPS watch in order to improve its performance or update features. Regularly check for updates when connecting your watch by clicking on the System tab and pressing the "update" button. You will be notified if an update is available.

  • Page 69: Declaration Of Compliance

    Watches, declares that the GPS watch (Art.-No. RUNGPS1, Type: D02I280), as well as the chest strap (Art.-No. RUNGPS1, Type: T00018D) comply with the applicable basic conditions and dispositions of 1999/5/EG directive. The complete text of the declaration of compliance can be taken from our website

  • Page 71: Faq/correction Of Errors

    The display may have inadvertently been turned off Press the LAP/Reset button for over 5 seconds to turn it back on. If the display still does not appear, contact Runtastic customer service. Why is the screen black and why aren’t the displays readable?

  • Page 72

    The display on the screen reacts slowly, why? Is the temperature below freezing (32° F) When the temperature rises again over 32°C, the display will become normal. The saved data will not be lost. How long does the battery of the GPS watch last? A full batter charge will last approximately 16 hours, when using the GPS, or approximately 1 year when used solely as a watch in time mode.

  • Page 73

    Why won't the battery of the GPS watch charge? If you are charging the watch by connecting it to a USB port on your computer, be sure that the USB port is a power carrier. Check the contact pins on the back of the watch. If these have become soiled with sweat deposits and skin scales, clean them with a sharp metallic object (e.g.

  • Page 74: Warranty

    To make a claim: Contact the retailer where the product was purchased or Send an e-mail to: [email protected] PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A RETURN AUTHORIZATION. CANNOT ACCEPT UNANNOUNCED PACKAGES.


    How GPS Tracks Your Runtastic Activities

    Thanks for joining us for part two of this helpful, informative set of posts about all things GPS!  If you happened to miss the first post and would like to start at square one, please check out GPS Part I:  GPS, Runtastic & You for a quick, clear intro to the topic.

    Running with GPSRunning with GPS tracking is the basis of the Runtastic app – since most smartphones have GPS technology built into them, they can be turned into a GPS receiver at the touch of a button or use with GPS apps.  It’s the GPS receiver’s job to work out where it is in the world, this is achieved by working out how far away the satellite is from the receiver.  The satellite sends out a radio signal containing the time, the receiver then gets this signal and works out how long it took for the signal to arrive – it then uses the time difference to work out the distance.  Once the receiver knows how far away the satellite is an imaginary sphere is drawn around the satellite, with the satellite being the center.  We’re approximately 32,000 km away from the satellites, but we could be 32,000 km away in any direction from the satellite we’ve locked onto.

    Once one satellite has been locked onto and a sphere is drawn, three more satellites are locked onto and three more spheres are drawn.  So we have four imaginary spheres and one real one – Earth.  The point where all five spheres overlap is where the receiver is (in the case of Runtastic app usage, receiver = you and your smartphone)!  This technique is called Trilateration.

    Of course, the GPS receiver could have the wrong time, which would cause issues.  However, fear not – GPS satellites contain atomic clocks and therefore always have the correct time.  The GPS receiver will use the signal from the fourth satellite for correction.  With this information, it then completes an equation to work out the correct time and precisely locate you.  If the time from the satellites was wrong, then the GPS system could become inaccurate by about 11 km a day!

    Now, once your phone has your location, this data needs to go somewhere.  This is when GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) or 3G as most people call it, kicks in.  The location information is sent via 3G to its intended destination (normally a server) to be processed.  For example, if you use GPS with Google Maps the data goes to Google servers.  When you’re running with GPS with Runtastic, your data comes to our servers. When your data arrives, our servers begin whirring away and tracking you on the map as you run!  This is how people can see you during your activity in real-time with LIVE Tracking, if you opt to use this feature.  When you finish your activity, all your data is on your phone ready for analysis.  However Runtastic won’t use up all your data allowance since the amount of data sent it tiny, it only needs to load your section of the map – so a run around the block uses virtually no data!

    But GPS doesn’t need 3G (or WiFi) to work! Phones use data to get a location fix quicker (assisted GPS) and to download your area of the map. So if you were to use an app that had the entire globe – or at least a section you were covering – downloaded and saved, you could switch off 3G and still see your location as the GPS receiver would still be receiving location information. Which is a feature of our Mountain Bike app, allowing users to track themselves when there’s no 3G coverage.

    Once the location is worked out, your GPS receiver (smartphone) will constantly receive the radio signals which enables a new location to be calculated.  The new location is sent to the servers, data is processed on the fly and your movement is tracked when running!  This of course, all happens very quickly – it’s an incredible system and feat of technology – which allows you to track and analyze your Runtastic activities with ease.  You lace up those shoes & let us take care of the rest!

    Summary & TipsSo, now you know!  When you start your next activity and track yourself with GPS, you’ll have a better understanding of just how you are being located – satellites, signals and data!

    Some key GPS points to remember include:

        • 24 GPS satellites exist
        • Satellites send out radio waves
        • GPS receivers needs three or more signals
        • Where the imaginary spheres overlap is your location
        • Data is sent via 3G/phone masts to servers
        • Servers process data
        • Tall buildings, forestry, cloud, water & crowds can interfere

    What’s more?  The GPS system is constantly being maintained and updated.  In fact, the current satellites being launched are known as GPS III and will allow quicker and more accurate tracking.

    Great news for us and great news for you!  Get out there today and move a little (or a lot!)…  The Runtastic team wishes you “Happy Tracking!”


    Runtastic GPS Sports Watch With Heart Rate Monitor

    Sports Watch Runtastic GPS with heart rate monitor

    In the spring of 2013 the Austrian company Runtastic, known for its fitness apps for mobile platforms, introduced a new gadget - Runtastic GPS sports watch with a heart rate monitor. The wireless connectivity of the hardware to smartphones and tablets lets users track the details of their body, collect stats and analyze the activity of their impact on health. Runtastic software cover a wide range of sports activities -from walking to the cross-country skiing and mountain biking trips. Rantastik GPS is available for purchase at Gadgetsonme online store.

    The device comes with a heart rate sensor-monitor. Developers of Runtastic believe if you can measure something, you can improve it. For those who are serious about their health, it is important to follow the results in order to multiply their own achievements. Reduce heart rate, lose weight, create a relief, and increase endurance: these characteristics of Rantastik GPS allow the user to set any goals, track workouts and monitor dynamics.

    The Austrian company, introducing the new sports watch to the world market, used the win-win dumping strategy. The price offered by the manufacturers compares favorably with the cost of competing products. Users can buy the sports watch with an extensive library of proprietary software.

    Runtastic GPS  stands out with high quality of assembly. The pack includes:

    • Runtastic GPS
    • Heart rate monitor with chest strap
    • USB charging cable
    • Bicycle mount
    • Instruction Manual


    The kit includes the watch and the heart rate sensor. The watch is made in the traditional design of wrist chronometer with a round body and hypoallergenic silicone bracelet. LCD-display is small, monochrome, contrast, with easy to read icons and built-in backlight. It features short stroke buttons. Runtastic GPS is available in several color options - classic black, blue, pink and yellow.

    The heart rate monitor is a sensor integrated in the elastic chest strap of universal size. The sensor is powered by CR2032 batteries. The heart rate monitor pairs with the base unit wirelessly. For the most accurate heart rate data, manufacturers recommend using a special conductive gel. The price for Rantastik GPS does not include conductive gels.

    Runtastic GPS has voice notifications when the heart rate is slow or quick, going beyond the limits. Runtastic GPS is not waterproof, so swimming with them is not recommended.

    Hardware Specifications
    The watch has four function modes:
    1. Watch / Timer / Alarm. In this mode, the screen displays the current time and date, the alarm and timer.
    2. GPS Workout/Heart Rate. This mode lets you see information on heart rate, speed, distance covered and much more. All sub-modes are user configurable.
    3. GPS Navigation/Path/Waypoint. This mode allows you to follow a pre-planned route, or create new ones.
    4. Compass. In this mode, the user may at any time determine its own location and choose a direction.

    In addition to collecting data on heart rate, GPS module is the hallmark of Runtastic, which allows controlling the route map online. The elastic chest strap with the heart rate monitor lets you feel comfortable during exercise. The watch is connected to mobile devices using the included USB cable.

    Users of Runtastic GPS, which is available for purchase at Gadgetsonme, can create their own profile on Through the website, the users can share their results with friends, record and analyze training results, view others’ achievements. Users get many other software products with the apps for Runtastic GPS, the price of which is included in the package.

    The included Instruction Manual briefly describes the main operation features of the gadget. You can find more information on the features in the video review on Rantastik GPS. For the customers of Gadgetsonme online store, the price of Runtastic GPS includes the possibility of getting personal 3% discount.

    Technical Specs
    Size, weight 

    Watch weight: 57.5 g.

    Chest strap weight: 60 g.

    User profiles 5 workout profiles (with display settings).
    Battery Up to 14 hours of battery life while using GPS
    Supplied software

    IOS and Android app is available for download

    The Pack Includes:
    • Runtastic GPS watch
    • A heart rate monitor with chest strap
    • Charging cable for USB-connector
    • Bicycle mount
    • User guide



    Runtastic on Apple Watch >> 2nd Screen Feature Is Back

    First things first: the 2nd screen feature is back!

    We received a lot of feedback that you really missed the Apple Watch as a 2nd screen feature for your Runtastic app. When creating the Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch, we really thought this was the feature you were looking for. However, we’ve realized that you want both!

    Therefore, we have brought back the 2nd screen for Apple Watch. We really appreciate your feedback and your dedication to our brand. Please know that your feedback is really important to us and the only way we can make your experience the best one ever!

    Runtastic standalone app for Apple Watch

    We’re excited to announce that Apple Watch users (watchOS 4 & iOS11 required) can now enjoy Runtastic as a standalone app right on the wrist – yep, without bringing your phone. You might remember a couple years ago when we announced that you could use Apple Watch as a second (and more convenient!) display for your Runtastic app, but that meant you had to take your phone with you, too. While that was great and innovative at the time, we’re always looking to level up. Now as long as you’re wearing your beloved Apple Watch, you can continue to track your activities using the Runtastic app and leave your phone at home.

    Tracking has never been so easy

    Do you want to go for a run? Just open the Runtastic app on your Apple Watch and press “Start”’. Your activity type is already predefined as running, but you can always change it to walking, hiking, cycling, mountain or road biking. As you’re heading out the door, you realize that it’s starting to rain a bit? No problem! Thanks to Water Lock, the watch face will be locked and raindrops won’t change your settings or accidentally stop your activity. Worry less, run more 🙂

    During your run

    After each kilometer or mile, your watch will vibrate and tell you how fast you’re going. If you would also like to check your heart rate, the value is shown on your main screen. If you swipe to the right, you can either tap and pause, stop the activity or activate the water lock.

    • Running/Auto Pause
    • Distance
    • Duration
    • Heart Rate
    • Pace (replaced with Speed in kph for biking activities)

    Your workout is finished – awesome!

    You’ve successfully completed your workout. Of course, you’re interested in your stats, aren’t you? Analyze duration, distance, average pace and heart rate as well as calories burned. What else? As an avid Apple Watch user, you know about “the Exercise rings” and are probably eager to get them filled. The good news is that your Runtastic activities you’ve tracked count towards the rings – new for watchOS 4.

    watchOS 4 & iOS11

    One of many reasons we’re delivering this update is the release of watchOS 4. Especially for this launch, we’ve made it easy for you to share your activity details with friends. Just show your watch to your colleague (without taking it off or turning it around) and flip the watch face forward – the display and values shown will turn automatically. You’ll also see your activities in Apple Health.

    We still support Series 1 and you can receive a GPS trace when using the 2nd screen functionality.  But please note that watchOS 4 and iOS11 is required for the standalone Runtastic app.

    Good to know:

    You will need both iOS 11 and watchOS 4 to use the Runtastic standalone app on your Apple Watch. However, those with watchOS 3 can use the 2nd screen functionality.

    We hope you enjoy using the Runtastic app straight from your Apple Watch!


    Review: Runtastic GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

    A business axiom is that if you can measure it, you can improve it. Nowhere is collecting data more important than in your personal fitness efforts. If you want to decrease your resting heart rate, lose weight, gain strength, gain endurance—or any of a number of goals you may set for yourself—if you are not collecting data to track your workouts, you must not be that serious about achieving your goals. Especially for runners and cyclists, one tool that can help your fitness efforts is a heart rate monitor watch.

    I want to share a look at the new Runtastic GPS Heart Rate Monitor watch. The Austrian company Runtastic is introducing its GPS heart rate monitor watch to the US market, and this watch seems to be a strong competitor against offerings by other manufacturers such as Garmin, Timex, and Polar.

    Overall, the watch seems of high build quality. The watch comes with the following:

    • Runtastic GPS Watch
    • Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap, 2.4 GHz
    • Getting Started Guide
    • Clamp-On USB Charger
    • Bike Handlebar Mount

    The display is clear and very readable and the watch feels comfortable on the wrist. The buttons are easy to press, even when exercising. The watch has four function modes:

    1. Watch/Timer/Alarm: To display date/time, including dual time zones, a timer, and an alarm clock.
    2. GPS Workout/Heart Rate: To see heart rate, distance, speed, and more. Views are customizable.
    3. GPS Navigation/Path/Waypoint: To follow a previously recorded path or create a new path.
    4. Compass: To know bearing and direction.

    Aside from collecting heart rate data, probably the biggest feature of these GPS watches is getting to see the route of your travel shown on a map.

    The heart rate monitor chest strap felt comfortable. The watch synchronized using the included USB cable just fine, after I created a new profile on the website.

    Via the website, you can even share your workouts with your social media networks as well as see what other workouts people are doing. Runtastic also offers other products, such as mobile apps, training plans, and other hardware and accessories.

    However, the “Getting Started Guide” that comes with the watch is substandard, as the information given is very spartan and does not cover how to set all watch features. Especially if this is your first heart rate monitor watch, you will likely need to also download the full manual from the runtastic website.

    The Runtastic account profile website, which you’ll need to view your workout data, is also a limitation. While there is free access to some of your data, if you want full data analysis functionality, you’ll have to buy an annual “Gold” subscription membership at a sale price of $19.90/year. The website offers social features similar to Fitocracy, in that you can see activities that other people are doing, cheer them on, etc. Some people like these social aspects, others do not, so Runtastic offers you the choice of sharing your workouts with others. But in general I found the free website confusing to navigate and somewhat annoying with all the ads and social information about what other people are doing.

    So here’s the summary review of the Runtastic GPS Heart Rate Monitor watch:


    • Display is very readable and the buttons are easy to press, even when exercising
    • In addition to GPS tracking and heart rate monitor data collection, the watch includes functions such as dual time zones, a compass, a timer, nightlight, and a stopwatch
    • Data displayed in workout views are customizable
    • Path waypoints can be set and followed, especially useful when hiking
    • 2 year warranty
    • Many features for the price
    • Good build quality.


    • Not waterproof
    • Website interface is awkward, and the ads and social features can be annoying
    • The included manual is substandard.

    Overall, I’d say this is a very good GPS heart rate monitor watch for this price range, i.e., perhaps not for the advanced athlete. Also, to get the most out of it, you’ll have to subscribe to the “Gold” membership level on the website. However, it’s a quality watch for a decent price.

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