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Bad Elf GPS Pro

Open as PDF Similar pages Bad Elf BE-GPS-2200 User guide Bad Elf GPS Pro Plus Manual Badelf UserGuide GNSS Surveyor Manuale Italiano Bad Elf GPS Pro Cygnus User Guide - AvSport of Lock Haven Page 654: Gps … Ipad Gps , Bad Elf Gps Pro, Bad Elf Bluetooth Gps Pro , Bad Elf Gps For Ipad / Iphone / Ipod 30 Pin Connector, Bad Elf Gps / Glonass Receiver For Apple Lightning Connector, Bad Elf Cable For Lightning Connectors, Dual Xgps170 Gps Ads Scarica Manuale Italiano Bad Elf BE-GPS-2300 GPS Pro+ Guida in italiano delle funzionalità del GPS Pro+ Bluetooth di Bad Elf Data: 10/02/15 Formato: Pdf Size: 0,2 Mb BIG-IP Application Switch 8400 Product Datasheet Untitled Lync USB Devices Comparison Table - Center BIO RAD PowerPac 200 Instruction manual Verbatim MediaStation HD DVR Network Multimedia Recorder 1TB BIG-IP Application Switch 8800 Product Datasheet 100121.pdf Learn more now

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Bad Elf GPS

Do not update to iOS 10 if you rely on this app Mitulica

The app has gotten sophisticated over several versions, however this version has multiple compatibility issues with iOS 10. You cannot change settings, download tracks, update firmware, nor pair more than 2 devices.

Bad Elf -- Thumbs UP !! JHMBBL

Purchased Bad Elf for one reason - aviation/ForeFlight use but .... the Elf has morphed into a bunch of other uses including hiking -- skiing and vacations abroad !! Great unit and folks at Elf are always there -- always helpful !! John Malkin 12/2017

Good app and good devices Particle_person

My one request for the app would be that it shouldn't force you to redownload all the trips on the BadElf if you have previously deleted some of them from the app. It can take a long time for my trips to download since they are often as much as ten hours long! Making me do that with several trips is a major pain. I have learned to never delete a trip from the app if it is still on the Elf, but that is not a solution, merely a workaround.

Good ideas, so-so execution Help me choose a nickname

This app does a decent job of complementing the Bad Elf receiver, but it fails in a few key areas. Pros: 1) Easy to download tracks 2) Easy to clear up space by deleting downloaded tracks (when downloaded or at a later time) 3) Good view of the device's features, e.g. satellites in view Cons: 1) The big one: the app often displays stale data that doesn't reflect the up-to-date state of the receiver. This would be just an annoyance, except that it also means that sometimes the controls don't work, i.e. turning on the track log looks like it works but actually leaves the recorder off. Apparently this is because the app doesn't really have an active connection to the receiver, but it acts like it does and pretends to turn on track logging. I've lost at least half a dozen recordings that were never started due to this bug. The receiver panel needs to be fixed to only show real data, not cached or stale data. 2) Some of the app workflow doesn't make much sense. For example, why is the Satellites page at the main level instead of at the device level page? It apparently shows the satellite status for a single device.



Great app and support vsigler

Works great with my itouch 4 and my ipad mini with adapter, support is really great, emailed me on weekend and while the one from support was on a road trip during a trade show!!! Thanks!

Only works under special circumstances Adam5223

Even though it has the option to record at 1 Hz up to 10 Hz, if you use anything other than one Hz and you record a point-of-interest, then the app will not be able to download or even view that trip. I have been in touch with the developers, and they confirm that this is due to a bug. Unfortunately, I didn't learn this until after hiking with it for some hours. Since that unfortunate episode, I have tried using the "smart filter" option, and have been similarly disappointed. It seems to filter out too many pointse, leaving large gaps in the data. I use the bad elf device for recreational mapping, but I guess I expect a lot out of my equipment. For anyone else, I would strongly recommend leaving the device at 1Hz, and disable the "smart filter." On the plus side, I can confirm that it works with the Trails, Map+, and Google Earth iPad apps. On the whole, I love the device, but the current version of the app could use a little polishing.

Bad-Elf Pro Support cwhainesjr

John from their Tech Support answered my support inquiry in a step-by-step, very clear and understandable email response. So far I'm enjoying the Pro very much but best of all the Pro provides me with the peace of mind if I need navigation support when hiking, camping or driving and some unforeseen local, state event knocks out power to cell phone towers and/or power in general and I'm away from my home area.

Bad Elf GPS По Bad Elf, LLC



По Bad Elf, LLC. (Bad Elf, LLC)

This utility app allows owners of any Bad Elf GPS accessory to check the health of the Bad Elf hardware, view the GPS data being received, transfer and view trip logs, and install firmware updates.

Visit to learn more about the Bad Elf GPS, GPS Pro/Pro+, and the GNSS Surveyor accessories, which add a high performance GPS receiver to the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad via the 30-pin dock connector, Lighting connector, or Bluetooth. The GPS data is usable by ALL location-based iOS applications in the App Store.

Note: Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Заметки о выпуске

16.02.2017 | Версия : 3.3.3 | Размер : 78,4 MB What's New in 3.3.3

- We fixed a bug in the firmware update cancellation logic. This was causing some users to have trouble updating the firmware on their Bluetooth Bad Elf GPS units. - Occasionally some bogus data points from the hardware were sneaking into your trips and GNX/KML files. We have since tightened up our filters to omit obvious erroneous points. - Various small but embarrassing bug fixes and improvements.

Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor Users: - You can now create multiple Ntrip profiles and switch between them instead of typing in the credentials each time you switch networks. - If you forget to disconnect from your Ntrip network when turning off your Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor, the connection is automatically dropped after 60 seconds. This prevents unnecessary cellular data consumption. - We fixed a bug that prevented Ntrip location reporting from some latitude/longitude values. - You can now add a point-of-interest from the Deviation Plot screen.

24.01.2017 | Версия : 3.3.2 | Размер : 78,3 MB What’s New in 3.3.2:

- You can now choose what data each gauge shows by pressing and holding on the numbers of each gauge.- The app now shows you when a BE-GPS-3300 is using DGPS.- We now provide some warm and fuzzy while you delete trips from your iOS device or Bad Elf.- You can now turn on a setting to show SNR values for satellites.

Bug Fixes:- Fixed an issue that prevented you from changing the RINEX version used by the app.- Fixed an issue the could cause the BE-GPS-3300 to not be functional on iOS devices with 30-pin dock connectors.

06.12.2016 | Версия : 3.3.1 | Размер : 77,9 MB What's New in 3.3.1- We've added enhancements and fixes to the ntrip and raw logging features introduced in version 3.3.0. - We have ensured support of the app with iOS 10.- Satellite SNR values are shown on the Satellite graph (only compatible with BE-GPS-3300 accessories)

Major Fixes & Improvements- You are now alerted if mount point credentials are invalid.- We've improved support for DGPS users.- We fixed an issue that would cause Apple Watch users to see the app crash. (Sadly this makes the Apple Watch app only compatible with bluetooth models)- We've continued to fix and enhance the GPX and KML file generators. - We fixed an issue where RINEX settings could be saved across iCloud.

Скриншоты iPhone / iPod :

Скриншоты iPad :


Утилиты , Навигация

Поддерживаемые устройства : iPad 2 Wifi , iPad Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPad 3G , All , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPod Touch 3rd Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPad 3rd Gen , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad Mini , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPod Touch 4th Gen , iPhone6 Plus , iPhone6 , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPad 2 Wifi , iPad 2 3G , iPhone 4S , iPad 3rd Gen , iPad 3rd Gen 4G , iPhone 5 , iPod Touch 5th Gen , iPad 4th Gen , iPad 4th Gen 4G , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 4G , iPhone 5C , iPhone 5S , iPad Air , iPad Air Cel , iPad Mini Retina , iPad Mini Retina Cel , iPhone6 , iPhone6 Plus , iPad Air 2 , iPad Air 2 Cel , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Mini 3 Cel , iPod Touch 6th Gen , iPhone 6s , iPhone 6s Plus , iPad Mini 4 , iPad Mini 4 Cel , iPad Pro , iPad Pro Cel , iPad Pro 97 , iPad Pro 97 Cel , iPhone SE , iPhone 7 , iPhone 7 Plus , iPad 6.11 , iPad 6.12 , iPad 7.1 , iPad 7.2 , iPad 7.3 , iPad 7.4 , , ,

Комментарии и рейтинг Bad Elf GPS

Badelf (1.0.5)29.02.2012 13:04:00 1/5 По AlexorsmCan't update firmware

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Bad Elf GPS Utilities

This app does what it needs to do It provides GPS stats a way to transfer tracks and POIs to your iOS device share them and of course change settings on your Bad Elf GPS unit I use the Pro So for what it needs to do it does great                 good utility app

Just download the app plug in the gps and there you go I am a pilot and use it while in the plane with Garmin my pilot Never had any issues                 Works as promised

iOS 83 and 84 beta incompatible So we have to wait for iOS 85 Im not buying your new product I rather go buy DUAL GPS Bad Elf has turned into is turning into a bad demon right HORRIBLE for customers loyalty Fix it ASAP     Fix it quick or Im buying DUAL GPS

Even though it has the option to record at 1 Hz up to 10 Hz if you use anything other than one Hz and you record a pointofinterest then the app will not be able to download or even view that trip I have been in touch with the developers and they confirm that this is due to a bug Unfortunately I didnt learn this until after hiking with it for some hoursSince that unfortunate episode I have tried using the smart filter option and have been similarly disappointed It seems to filter out too many pointse leaving large gaps in the data I use the bad elf device for recreational mapping but I guess I expect a lot out of my equipment For anyone else I would strongly recommend leaving the device at 1Hz and disable the smart filter On the plus side I can confirm that it works with the Trails Map and Google Earth iPad appsOn the whole I love the device but the current version of the app could use a little polishing           Only works under special circumstances

Awesome product To those who turn your phone onto airplane mode your an idiot This is a GPS and when you use google maps all the maps arent downloaded onto your phone so of course it doesnt work Get a free gps program or pay for one but dont degrade this product because of your stupidity I use this product a lot and it works even when I lose cell signal because I have downloaded maps Easy to use the first time and every time Havent gotten to use it on foot just in a vehicle and can say it is effective even at 125mph Great product                 Amazing Heres to clarify

I love a gps solution on my touch and iPad that shows the satellites being received Ive been using GPS for a long time and want to be able to see the current satellite geometry If you have used a standalone gps in the past and miss having info about the reception or want to add GPS ability to a touch or iPad that doesnt have it this is for you                 Real GPS

This app works great with the Bad Elf 2200 When in Canada where I have cellular data off and my iPhone in airplane mode I connect the Bad Elf and am able to use my gps apps perfectly I have been navigating using this for 17 days and 2400 miles with no problemsI also like this for hiking where there is no cellular service I have used it with both the iphone 5 and iPad 4 I cant live without it when travelling                 Works Well

The GPS is fast to acquire simple reliable and the battery lasts forever This accompanying app works great It allows you to configure the device and transfer track logs back to your computer You cant transfer them without the app the GPS requires use of the app as an intermediaryTech support is extremely responsive they keep adding features and one bug I ran into where the device stopped responding due to overheating in the sun is fixed in the latest update                 Great app for a great GPS

Works great                 No brainer

Ive used this app and GPS device and it has worked well in my handsI recommend it to anyone who needs accurate GPS where internet is not available              Works for me

Wife bought me a bad elf 1000 and it works great with garmins app on my iPod Touch 4g FlawlessGreatest thing since sliced bread Anyone who gives a bad review just doesnt know how to use it                 Works Great

Badapp keeps crashing     VG pilot

I own an iPad Air WiFi unit Shortly after I bought it I realized that having GPS functionality would come in handy for an upcoming trip to Europe After some research it appeared that the Bad Elf Lightning unit might be what I neededTo make the GPS work you need a compatible offline maps program with the Mapsme app which is free being a good choiceThe Mapsme documentation is a bit hard to understand so heres a tip to get it started after the Bad Elf GPS is plugged in on the bottom left of the Mapsme is an arrow This arrow changes from a white outline to blue depending on how many times it is tapped Tap once it changes to blue and finds your location If you are moving under this condition the map stays still and the arrow moves along a course until it disappears off the page Tap a second time and the arrow tracks This means that the arrow stays still and the map moves under itThe bottom line is that you need to understand the mapping software to make the GPS work Under very simple conditions there is nothing you need to do with the GPS app other than install it                 Excellent when pared with the right offline maps

This new update is incredible                 Awesome update ver 112

Ive had the Dual xps150 Garmin Glo and now this So far this is by far the best                 Great so far

Let me first say that the Bad Elf system is admirable as a stand alone system Its datalogging capabilities along with the ability to display flight tracks on Google Earth and Cloud Ahoy bring GA aviation on a level with the most sophisticated tracking systems availableThe problem is Bad Elfs ability to reliably latchon to iOS 83 via Bluetooth it has been a train wreck to say the leastClearly Apple didnt include Bad Elf in its assortment of developers during betatesting iOS 83 This is unfortunate           not friendly with iOS 83

New update looks really nice but is so slow that it wont even scroll let alone let me download tracks Hopefully this is a bug fixed in the next update     New update so slow unusable

I use the GPS for marine charting and land travel with several software packages It works great and even tracks walking from one end of the house to the other while in the houseBest customer support I have encountered in years Fast email responses and followupIts a small device but packs a lot of power and usefulness I am glad I got one                 Works on land and sea

Works great with my itouch 4 and my ipad mini with adapter support is really great emailed me on weekend and while the one from support was on a road trip during a trade show Thanks                 Great app and support

I am so impressed with the Bad Elf GPS Pro I usually dont write reviews but this is a killer app product I just returned a Garmin Oregon 650T a 500 GPS that frankly sucked I decided to give the Elf GPS Pro a try and MAN what a difference I first charged it and then turned it on inside my house to do the Bluetooth pairing knowing I was going to have to go outside afterward to get a GPS signal and whammo It locked onto satellites and had my position fix in seconds inside my house The Garmin took a couple of minutes outside to get a lockI updated the firmware easily from my iPhone The app is great the product is great it really appears that their team has thought of everything I am using the GPS with Topo Maps on my iPad and it works flawlessly Thats a great app too requires a subscription but worth it and WAY better and cheaper than Garmins mapsIm ready for my trip and couldnt be happier Great work guys                 THE GPS Solution

This app works exactly as its supposed to Ignore the dunderheads who cannot follow the technology It has worked perfectly for me on iPod and iPhone For me the bonus is having a GPS with me in my shirt pocket I have invested in NAVIGON and other GPS apps They all work perfectly in the iPod and better than the builtin antenna on the iPhoneI just received one of the PRO models The Bluetooth connection seems unreliable Until this is fixed 2 stars        The latest version has a bunch of utilities that mirrors much larger hardware Good is now better

Very recent purchase so maybe this is a software issue as stated in another review When starting up for the first time it was searching for quite a long time with no activity I unplugged it iPad wlightning and plugged it back in then it started to work immediately About 50 of the time I have to do this or it will search forever Interfacing with mapping apps is very glitchy if the app recognizes it at all Also when starting the Bad Elf app it goes to the Bad Elf online store automatically Why I already purchased your product I just want to go straight to using the GPS Please make the status screen come up first        Works okay if you dont move

Is anyone successfully using this device with iphone4 and ios5 It works great on ios4 but i am very hesitant to move to ios5 until i hear this device is compatible           Ios5

Shows connected the Bad Elf App shows it working properly but no position data on Jepp FD Pro or Garmin Pilot Tried all the workarounds no help And no real forthcoming information from Bad Elf Very disappointed     Intermittent position data on iOS 83

I cant share data to another apps        Cant share data

This app is easily the best app for this on the App Store by far                 Awesome

This is by far the best written app for a device available The GPS is awesome which makes the combo even better                 Awesome

I have only WiFi apple devices which means NO GPS FOR ME until I bought the Bad Elf the bluetooth standalone unit It works great with both my iPad3 and iPod Touch5 both running iOS 7 The LCD and the selfcontained logging of the Bad Elf were key over buying a Garmin deviceAn idea for the Bad Elf App I would like the ability to select multiple trip logs for deletion Selecting each entry onebyone is time consuming and problematic I have noticed that a deleted trip entry remains in the list after deletion which adds confusion as to what truly is on the Bad Elf device and what is just displayed in the Bad Elf App Restarting the App clears the deleted entries from the Apps list of trip entriesOverall I have had the unit for a few months now and it has worked great with both the supplied App and a few other GPS apps that I use I would recommend it for both on and off the road use              Works Very Well

This is one of the best gpss I have used I love the data logger function the only thing this needs is an IFR low enroute chart to put the trip info on                 Best gps out there

Since updating my iPad Mini Retina to iOS 812 and installing the latest Bad Elf firmware update GolfLogix is now broken Even though the Bad Elf says it is connected through BT GolfLogix repeatedly fails to locate itself on the course due to intermittent connectivity issues Bummer Its my favorite app Either Bad Elf still isnt working correctly on iOS 812 even after the newest Bad Elf firmware update or GolfLogix is not properly connecting to it consistently Either way GolfLogix now no longer works and is NOT a supported Bad Elf app any more Please fix this defect     GolfLogix Cannot Maintain Reliable GPS Connectivity

Pre30 the app used to be a little finicky sometimesbut worked great for exporting tracks managing GPS PRO settings viewing GPS receptions and anything else 30 has been a disaster with GPX or KML export turned on in settings the app drains the battery quicker than anything else Ive ever seen and doesnt stop Its then impossible to turn the setting off if it is on and it defaults to on which means this is how youre introduced to the new app because processing the GPXKML files makes the apps UI completely unresponsive 2 to 5 or more minutes just to respond to a single button press or scroll input and it takes one button press and three screen scrolls to get to the GPXKML export switches in the settings ask me how I know Based on the trip GPXKMLs generated count that they added in 301 its looking like it should finally be done generating files and be responsible again if I just leave the app up and plugged in churning away for a few weeks to a month Not sure why they cant just generate the files for export individually and the pre30 versions were definitely better than this I used to love my GPS PRO but since the 30 update if you need GPX or KML export ie you dont just want to see the pretty lines in app only Id look for something else           Useless for track exports

For starters this thing is a pain in the butt to deal with Their instructions to come up that part very clear and in actual use its very timeconsuming and distracting to make sure that it is even making connection Itll tell you repeatedly that it is not compatible with your iPad and then it will blink forever and never acquire satellites even in plain view of the sky I attempted to use mine for about two weeks and am returning it today     Dont waste your time or

After the latest iOS update the app shows the correct GPS location but this location info is not shared anymore with apps google maps or other mapping app All of this works without problem previously and the iOS privacy settings are correct and not the reason either     Not working after latest iOS update

Bad Elf used to work really well under iOS6 not so well with iOS7 not sure if it was the previous update from Bad Elf but having a very difficult time getting the GPS to connect with the iPad Also unable to install the latest firmware update from Bad Elf Continues to time out     Flakey

It used to work great However since the last update it had been difficult to work with Sometimes crashes while naming a recorded track Im having a lot of difficulty transferring a track from Bad Elf Pro to ipad Locks up often during transfer Works less that 20 of the time Never had a problem before the latest update of the Bad Elf software     Buggy

DOWNLOAD and INSTALL It kept saying updating forEVER then nothing happens Please do something about it     Firmware update on GPS PRO not working

Not sure what different with this version iPad gets very warm and you can almost hear the life getting sucked out of the batterySeem to related to this appLike the format dont like the heat and battery drain           Hot iPad

The Bad Elf products and supporting app seem to be going from bad to worse Cannot download trips from the device anymore and the firmware update simply hangs the app     Bad Elf Pro completely unusable

I updated my bad elf app and now it never shows the satellites anymore The old version did Please fix           What happened

wasted my money     It doesnt work with iOS6 with iPhone4

John from their Tech Support answered my support inquiry in a stepbystep very clear and understandable email response So far Im enjoying the Pro very much but best of all the Pro provides me with the peace of mind if I need navigation support when hiking camping or driving and some unforeseen local state event knocks out power to cell phone towers andor power in general and Im away from my home area                 BadElf Pro Support

The updated app is VERY slow and unresponsiveI am amazedTouching menu the nothing happensPrior version at least was functional what happened     Slow and unresponsive

I concur Ive tried updating firmware via iPhone running iOS 841 as well as iPad running iOS 81 Neither work the update process just seems to stall indefinitely The download step appears to work but it stalls on the update step If you press cancel after giving it 20 mins of trying it says update complete but still on old firmware version 2048 Because of this it appears NOT to be an AppleiOS issue but one with the bad elf device andor app itself     Update firmware does NOT work

In aviation use the iPad loses lock without using the Bad Elf receiver I use Foreflight in a jet and a highwing Cessna In the jet having the optional extension cable to place the receiver nearer to a window is necessary to avoid the occasional loss of lock during turns This is a small price to pay to avoid having to deal with charging a wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver The extension is not required in a highwing Cessna even when using a kneeboardtype of iPad mount In addition initial satellite lock is very quickThe included USB charging cable allows powering of the iPad via a throughport on the Bad Elf receiver with a USB cigarette lighter plug Without power the iPadBad Elf combination easily lasts five to six hours on the iPad battery              Works Great

do not waste your money     bad

Lost ability to name trips It seems like the trip name is below a title bar but I cant be sure Also landscape mode while in GPS screen no longer works iPhone 4S most recent version of ios 6           Bug Report

As others have said ignore the folks that cant read directions Just got one for Xmas and ran six miles with my iPod touch with wireless OFF and it worked fine Only glitch is how to carry it that why I gave it four stars not five              Works great with Runkeeper IOS 5

This app and attached accessory work great I use this with ForeFlight as a flight instructor and have had no problemsFor all the other people complaining about google maps not working off line need to read the website about what apps work with this                 Works grate

I have reached out to their support team and was instructed to unfair and repair which I tired before contacting them and it did nothing They then told me this could be related to the updateA new update to the app and firmware showed up the following day After upgrading device and app still the same problemNow I can not reach the support teamThis level of support is unacceptable     Unable to delete old trip from before app update

Great Apps                 Excellent

BAD ELF BE-GPS-2200 MANUAL Pdf Download.

  • Page 1

    BE-GPS-2200 GPS Tracker with Data Logging Backlit LCD Display Long Battery Life Fits in the Palm of Your Hand Water Resistant for Outdoor Use Shared Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity...

  • Page 2

    © 2012 Bad Elf, LLC Bad Elf, LLC...

  • Page 3

    Contents of This Package This package contains the following items: • Bad Elf GPS Pro GPS receiver with Bluetooth® wireless technology • USB charging cable • Vehicle Charging Adapter (suitable for 12V cigarette sockets) • User Guide Note: Apple device refers to the supported iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad equipped with Bluetooth®...

  • Page 4

    Figure 2 - Back View of the GPS Pro Dimensions The Bad Elf GPS Pro is small and lightweight, but with a rugged, solid feel. Its dimensions and weight are: Dimensions: 3.0 x 2.4 x 0.7 inches (76.5 x 61.5 x 17.5 mm) Weight: 3.2 ounces (90 grams)

  • Page 5

    Figure 3 - Side View of the GPS Pro Backlit LCD Display Interface The Bad Elf GPS Pro offers the fi rst Apple approved GPS with an informative user interface. Prior GPS devices used simple LEDs to indicate status, leaving the user guessing about status details.

  • Page 6

    Bad Elf utility app available through iTunes. 1. Power Button a. Press and hold this button for 3 seconds to toggle the Bad Elf GPS device ON or OFF. b. Press this button momentarily to toggle the LCD backlight ON or OFF.

  • Page 7

    Bad Elf cables and the enabling software. Data Storage The Bad Elf GPS Pro contains 64MB of fl ash memory for storage of trip data. At a standard sampling rate of one position recorded per second (1Hz), the device can store up to 100 hours of trip data. The data can be divided into separate trips or collected as one single data log.

  • Page 8

    Charge the Bad Elf GPS Pro The Bad Elf GPS Pro is charged via the mini-USB connector on the back of the device. Before using the Bad Elf GPS Pro, fully charge the device. To charge, simply use the provided cable and plug the Bad Elf GPS Pro into any standard USB power source, such as a computer, wall charger, or the included car charger.

  • Page 9

    Bluetooth radios ON and are within range of each other. To pair the Bad Elf GPS Pro with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, follow these simple steps: 1. On the Apple device, start the Settings app, then select General > Blue- tooth.

  • Page 10

    Apple device for installation into the accessory hardware. After you have paired your Bad Elf GPS Pro to your Apple device for the fi rst time, you will be prompted to download the Bad Elf GPS Utility app from the iTunes App Store.

  • Page 11

    You can then choose either to record a point of inter- est (POI) and continue data logging or to turn data logging off. Once data logging is complete, you can use the Bad Elf Utility app to save, map, share, or delete the recorded trip.

  • Page 12: Industry Canada Compliance

    Technical Specifi cations • GPS ► 66-channel MTK chipset confi gurable to 1-10Hz refresh rate ► Satellite acquisition times: (<30s cold, <15s warm, <5s hot) • Bluetooth ► 2.1 + EDR ► Range: 33ft (10m) • Internal Battery ► Charging voltage: 5VDC @ 500mA ►...

  • Page 13: Battery Warnings

    Battery Warnings If these guidelines are not followed, the embedded lithium-ion battery may experience a shortened life span or may present a risk of damage to the GPS, fi re, chemical burn, electrolyte leak, and/or injury. Do not leave the GPS exposed to a heat source or in a high temperature loca- tion, such as in the sun in an unattended vehicle (e.g., car, airplane, helicopter, or boat).

  • Page 14: Fcc Compliance

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. This product does not contain any user-serviceable parts. Repairs should only be made by an authorized Bad Elf service center. Unauthorized repairs or modi- fi cations could result in permanent damage to the equipment, and void your warranty and your authority to operate this device under Part 15 regulations.

  • Page 15: Limited Warranty

    Limited Warranty This Bad Elf product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or work- manship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, Bad Elf will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use.

  • Page 16

    Distributor warranties are only valid in the area of intended distribution. Units purchased in the United States must be returned to the Bad Elf service center in the United States for service.

  • Page 17

    Bad Elf. Bad Elf hereby grants permission to download a single copy of this manual onto a hard drive or other elec-...

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