Got Yourself An Expensive Car? Why Registering It In Montana Will Save You Money


Car registration can be expensive, and it’s easy to see why. You’ve got the sticker shock of seeing just how much it is going to cost. Plus, your insurance will inevitably go up when you tell them, which is a bummer if you hope to save money on insurance by registering your car somewhere with lower fees. But did you ever consider another state? Montana for example is a great place to register your vehicle.

In this article we’ll show you why Montana vehicle registration is your best option if you’re planning to buy an expensive car.

No Sale Tax

If you are wondering how to register a vehicle in Montana, keep in mind that citizens moving to Montana from out-of-state can choose to pay a $50 registration fee, which is waived if they purchase or lease a vehicle in Montana. The fee is required for any vehicle that can carry at least one person over public roads, including motorcycles and mopeds, and is a great way to save money on car ownership. Other than your car, you can also register your RV in Montana.

In most states, you must pay sales tax when you buy a new car or motorcycle at an average rate of 5 percent. This means that for a $20,000 new vehicle, you’ll pay $1,000 extra just for driving it home. In contrast, Montana doesn’t charge sales tax on any retail purchases. In addition to avoiding that tax altogether if you buy your car in Montana, you can avoid paying multiple state income taxes on that amount plus local property taxes on the value of your vehicle by registering it there.

Simply put, by registering your car in Montana instead of your old home state, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars every year while getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle. Besides, there is no sales tax to worry about when buying it. And the process will be flawless if you work with the best Montana-registered agent.

Save Money On Different Kinds Of Specialty Plates

Still wondering why you should register your Ferrari or Lamborghini in Montana? You should know that Montana is known as the Treasure State, not just because of the state gemstones. The Treasure State allows you to register your car with many different specialty plates including personalized plates and special interest plates. If you qualify, you can also apply for military tags or antique and vintage plates.

Cheaper Solution For Buying Auto Insurance

If you live in Montana and have a car, registering that car in Montana is one of the cheapest ways to buy auto insurance. That’s because your insurance premium will be based on your driving record, which is better if you’re a Montana resident than if you’re not. Registering your car in Montana means that any tickets you’ve received will be on your Montana driving record. This means that the next time you get an auto insurance quote, it will probably be lower than before.

Take Advantage Of The State’s No-Fault Insurance Coverage

Registering in Montana will also take advantage of the state’s no-fault insurance coverage. That sounds like it would cost more than other states’ fault-based coverage, but it actually results in some pretty big savings. In fact, it can mean thousands of dollars per year spent on car insurance. You’ll also benefit from discounts for things like good grades and being well-insured elsewhere.

Key Takeaways

As you might have seen by reading this article, registering your car in Montana can help you save a lot of money in the long run. Most people aren’t aware that they could be paying unnecessary taxes on their cars simply because they don’t know the best practices for vehicle registration.

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